We accept students from ages 4-18. The youngest pupils begin in Preparatory Class and progress through Primary and into the Grades.


Mon 4.15pm: Beginner’s Acrobatics (Ages 4 1/2-10)

Mon 5.00pm: Grade 1 Dance Class (Ages 10-13)

Mon 5.45pm: Junior Drama Class (Primary School aged children from 8-11)

Mon 6.30pm: Senior Drama Class (Secondary School children from 11-16)


Tue 4.15pm: Preparatory Dance Class (Ages 4-6)

Tue 5.00pm: Intermediate Acrobatics (Ages 11-14)

Tue 5.45pm: Grade Five Dance Class (Ages 15-18)

Tue 6.30pm: Advanced Acrobatics (Ages 10-18)


Wed 5:00pm: Introduction to Grade 1 Class (Ages 8-10)


Thu 4.15pm: Primary Dance Class (Ages 7-8)

Thu 5.00pm: Grade Three Dance Class (Ages 11-13)

Thu 5.45pm: Junior Open Modern Class (Ages 10-14)

Thu 6:30pm: Grade Four Dance Class (Ages 13-16)

Thu 7:15pm: Senior Open Modern Class (Ages 15-18)

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(Photos of students backstage throughout the years, and preparing for exams).

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